We started Roooster out of our own experiences and frustrations: Chasing projects, only to find, once we won the bid, that we have none of our favorite team members available.
Owning a design studio is also a big headache for someone who only wants to create. Managing a professional creative business means that most of the time, you do not get to do what you love (unless what you love is managing a business…)

After many conversations with peers on both sides of the Atlantic, we came to the conclusion that all of us share the same strifes: we are all dealing with managerial tasks, which are a must, serving as our own human-resources-recruitment agents and chasing commissions and payments from our customers.

Those of us who actually started a business and hired in-house creative professionals, find themselves chasing the same types of projects, which correspond with the skill set of our hired employees. This situation makes it hard for studios to diversify their work.
This, along with the need to cut overheads, brings more and more studios to downsize, relying mostly on independent professionals. This, in turn, makes each project a talent-recruitment nightmare.

So we thought that the creative world may need something like Roooster.

Our platform aims to change the way creative professionals do business. With project oriented teams, professionals can hire other professionals, and move quickly to deliver projects and to collect payments for the whole team. This solution reduces the managerial time and costs for doing business and releases creative professionals to focus on their own work. Our vision is to turn the creative industry into an agile domain, which consists of project specific businesses.

We started out with very few features, to slowly grow Roooster into the full scope of our vision: a platform for elastic creative businesses. Currently we are out with our first stable version: Roooster 1.0.
It is out there, it allows creative professionals to start their profile pages simply by connecting their already existing accounts from Behance, Dribbble, Vimeo and Linkedin, so that any other creative professional who may want them on their team, will be able to quickly browse through their aggregated portfolio.

There are also Teams: right now, each member can start a team and invite members from Roooster, or via email, to join. Essentially, a Roooster team is a conversation channel, but in the future, it will do much, much more.

We are hopeful, that the idea of a creative team/project platform will catch on. We know that the industry is headed this way, with or without us.
In the future, we are planning to introduce payment system to get teams to collect their payments and distribute funds among team members. We also aim to turn our team pages into fully functional project management suites for designers, simply by integrating existing tools into the teams.

So, if you are a creative professional – a designer, artist, director, animator or anyone who works in one of the dozens of creative industry fields – you are more than welcome to start your own Roooster profile and share the future with us.

Posted by Samuel Miller

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