It was a long journey for us here at Roooster.

We started working on the idea of a business platform for creative professionals in early 2015. We believed, and still do, that the time has come to present the world with a new method of doing business: where independent professionals are not just hiring other independent professionals. They will also form partnerships and small businesses. These businesses will exist per project, or per a specific type of projects, but not as physical business place or an incorporated company.

We called this concept Elastic Businesses

We wanted to free the creative professional community from limitations such as territory, unnecessary overheads and regulation. Instead, the Roooster platform would take care of the commercial interaction with the customer. Roooster would be able to distribute payments among the participating team members.

We came up with our first proof-of-concept in September 2015. It was a directory of creative leaders we know and respect. It took a while to get them on board to join as our first users, with not much to gain from it. These were some 120 first users, to whom we are enormously grateful, for their positive response and their willingness to play along.

After gathering our conclusions from that POC, we launched our first Minimum Viable Product in January 2016. A second product, completely different, followed, to be launched in May that year, and within very few months, it evolved into a beautiful teamwork platform, starting to attract designers and artists who wanted to form teams and start looking for projects.

Our failure was to create a valid business justification for ourselves. We did not meet our revenue generation goals, failed to reach a sufficient threshold of users and most of all: we did not succeed in convincing investors that our idea is worth financing.

Our stop-loss is not the end of the idea

By the end of February, our funds will run out. We have until then to shut down our service, clear any outstanding bill that we need to pay and thank each and every one of the people who believed in us and shared our vision.

Last, we still do believe in the idea of un-incorporated businesses. We believe in the idea of like-minded professionals teaming-up to tackle projects, while still being free to work on other things. We believe that the current ecosystem of professional marketplaces does not provide the proper means to do this. Thus, it remains to be seen if our idea will take shape and form in a new service. When this happens, it will have a huge impact on the way people do business. It will change the way people hire other people. It may even smoothen the entrance of professionals into entrepreneurship.

Posted by Samuel Miller

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