We, the Rooosters, want to solve some of the biggest problems facing the creative professionals’ community today.
This is an ambitious goal, but we are taking it one step at a time: Our first version is out, with minimal functionality and great hope for the future.

A big part of this, soon to be over, year, was dedicated to talking with our small milieu of creative professionals. We shared our pains and discussed our vision. At this point, we have a clear path and millions of great features in mind, to help solve problems like the massive effort and time it takes to recruit team members; like the fact that business administration and overheads are ruining the joy of design for almost everybody in the industry; like the pain of acquiring and maintaining high value clients (and don’t start us talking about getting them to pay…)

Now is the time for us to step outside of our familiar surrounding and try to figure out what the rest of the creative industry is thinking. Do other creative professionals share our experiences? Do we feel the same pains and agonies? Do we need the kind of solutions that we have in our pipeline?
To do this, we came up with this very short and very general survey. This is the first of hopefully many more surveys taht will help us map the needs of professionals in an entire industry.

If you are a creative professional, who provide top quality work of design or animation and collaborate with fellow creatives, we would love to get your help by answering this 5 min survey.

Posted by Samuel Miller

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