Hi, I am Samuel Miller

I am a product-marketing expert and a game designer, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a teacher and a blogger.

Before setting out to sail alone in the stormy seas of independence, I was a product and projects leader, with many years of working in international markets.

My experience includes every aspect affecting a product’s life cycle: from conception and design (including User Experience planning), through project management, marketing, business intelligence and performance improvement. My passion is creating and nurturing products.

My Blog

This is where I write about my professional universe. I write about games, entrepreneurship and many other things.

Some of the articles in this blog were published in two other publications, which are now non-existent.

The first is my previous personal blog, MonkeyFeeder, which I maintained from 2009 to 2013. It was a blog about gaming, which I used to work on in my spare time. Since forming Smart Product Marketing, it made no sense for me to keep working during my spare time. Plus, there wasn't that much time to spare, so I just took the best articles out of MonkeyFeeder and brought them here. Besides, MonkeyFeeder was a terrible name.

The second source for the articles from 2015 and 2016 is my now deceased startup, Roooster. My partner, Rotem, and I kept a blog for the creative community, about design politics. Also contributing to that blog was Gonçalo Lopes, an extraordinary illustrator who drew the featured imaged to the Roooster articles.


Game Design Thinking


Since 2007, I have been teaching a course on Game Design Thinking in HIT's Faculty of Design. This is a course I have developed, based on my experience in designing and heading multiple game projects.